Healthcare Market Solution (App)

Medical evolution through mobile apps such as doctor booking, online pharmacy, and more that make healthcare services accessible any time

Patient App

Simple and quick way to connect with doctors, book medicines, and more

Online Consultation - Users/ patients can easily search for doctors based on specialization, look for medicines, lab tests, and book as per convenience

360 Degree App - One app - multiple solutions! Users can look for medicines, doctors, physiotherapists, health & wellness programs all on a single platform

Time Slot Booking - Patients can check for the availability of doctors and other service providers and book for appointments, lab tests as per their convenience

Doctor App

Connect with patients, check medical records, upload prescriptions in one go! 

Patient Review - Connect with patients on call/ video/ audio chat and review patient history through pre-uploaded reports

Time Slot Booking - Doctors can choose the dates and time in the calendar and make themselves available for consultation

Upload Prescription - Doctors can upload prescription after/during consultation which can be downloaded by the patient/ user later

Hospital Dashboard

Exclusive dashboard with complete details of billing, hospital staff, and more

Hospital Staff Management - Provides details about hospital staff, their availability, shifts, and other details

Billing Information - Saves billing data for future reference; provides easy billing mechanism, assists in reducing costs

Reports & Analytics - Gives complete reports of the hospital admissions, equipment, etc., and helps in making informed decisions

Pharmacy App

Efficiently manage medicines stock, sales, reach out to wider audience

Medicines Stock Management - Helps in having complete control on the medicines stock, buy and keep stocks as per need

Local to Global - Instead of limiting to specific areas, reach out to patients/ users in other areas effortlessly

Promotion & Ad Set-up - Allows pharmacies to promote certain brand medicines or provide discounts to app users through promotion & discount mechanism

From consultation to pharmacy, comprehensive doctor –patient medical functions enabled by noteworthy features & integrations backed by cutting edge technology

User Management

Administrators can create, edit, and delete user accounts; assign roles and permissions to determine the level of access to platform

Products & Services

Provides multiple services in one platform - doctor booking, pharmacy, lab testing, fitness & wellness services like yoga, meditation, etc.

In-app Chat Support

Allows patients to access support and receive assistance, attach files, and images, etc. for improved overall customer satisfaction & retention

Upload Reports & Prescription

Easy to upload medical reports and prescriptions in various formats such as PDF, JPG, PNG etc., directly from devices/ cloud.

In-app notification

Provides immediate alerts on critical updates, changes, or events happening within the platform to keep patients/ usersinformed in real-time

Commission & Settlement

Calculate and process commissions and settlements, access comprehensive reports on the performance of sales team, improve the overall efficiency