Digital Engagement

April 29, 2023 2023-12-27 13:25

Digital Engagement

This is an era of digital engagement. From customers to politicians and commoner to communities the list is endless. Every one, one way or the other is digitally engaged and the growing use of digital media by politicians, political bodies and agencies of all kinds has given rise to a new kind of digital engagement industry that vigorously caters to politicians and communities.

Political apps

Political Industry with Progressive Political App software

Get closer to your constituency members or party followers through pioneering digital tools.

Why political app is needed?

Disruptive technology has entered all the walks of life and political parties are left no behind. Political parties gain competitive advantage over other parties by going digital. There are many benefits to reap.

Constant social media presence & interaction

Member & followers base increase

User-engagement at all levels

Instant resolution to pressing issues

What Nipige platform offers?

The Essential features

Nipige furnishes advanced software solutions to political parties to assist them in having digital presence in the political circles.

Essential aspects that Nipige Serves

Reduced timelines of app customization and development from months to weeks

User-friendly interface for smooth and hassle-free service

Integrated layers of security

Real-time updates

Different app personas

Nipige offers individual apps for the ease-of-use

Leader app

Voter/ User app

Admin dashboard

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