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Business Solutions

We streamline complex business challenges with our simple solutions. We help you to stay focused on your priorities by leaving routine project management work to us.

Incredible Solutions to Digitalize Your Business

Hyperlocal Market (Super App Solution)

Engage with local businesses and make your presence felt. Bring multiple business such as grocery, fruits & vegetables, fish & meat, pharmacy, tour & travel, healthcare, homecare, etc., under one single online platform and connect them with local customers via delivery management. Many noted companies entered the local business sector and capitalized. Similarly, if you have a unique concept of a hyperlocal model, the Nipige platform will assist you in bringing it online.

Restaurant Aggregator Platform

Digitalization of the food business has given rise to many restaurant aggregator platforms. A couple of food aggregator platforms became market leaders in this field with their successful business models. They allow customers to select and buy their favorite food items from their favorite restaurants and get them door delivered. Food aggregator platforms are a highly lucrative and growing business. All you need is a unique business model and our team of experts to lay the foundation and get your business going.

Farm to Home Online Platform

Have any thoughts about bringing agricultural products, ancillary items, and agro realty to mainstream E-commerce? Agriculture-based applications have digitized agricultural businesses by bringing farm produce directly to the customer. If you have any engaging ideas to capitalize on this catching trend, we can help set up a ready-made online platform and build your enterprise brand at a global level.

Logistics & Delivery Management

Want to start a logistics and delivery management online business? You are on the right path. With many foods and other aggregator platforms having a booming business, logistics and delivery management cannot be left behind. The right idea and unique platform like Nipige would be a deadly combination to encash this happening business opportunity. Take a step now to build your logistics and delivery management platform!

Transport Aggregator Platform

Do you want to start an online platform to meet transportation needs with your revolutionary online aggregator platform? Nipige can help you with it. Your unique transport business idea can become a reality with exclusive features like live navigation, online payments, toggle driver availability, surge pricing, etc. Our expertise will not only digitize your operations but also make the customer happy with an easy-to-use app. 

Online Healthcare Solutions

Nothing is better than avoiding the long queues at hospitals and engaging with the doctor from the comfort of our homes. Many noted hospitals and other companies have made this possible. They engage with the target audience and offer good quality healthcare services. Your business model may comprise booking doctor’s appointments or medicines at single/multiple pharmacies or other healthcare services. Digitalize these and more healthcare services under one Nipige platform that allows you to connect with customers and brand your enterprise.

E-Commerce Solutions

The online presence of a business entity through an app helps garner a large customer base for your business. It strengthens customer relationships and enhances brand value. Many top companies created a tremendous impact on consumers via their online presence. If you want to establish your brand presence, gain customers’ trust, and have a unique business idea, our expert team of Nipige can help you. We help you get the instant online recognition you deserve by creating a customized application according to your need.

Home Service

Are you planning to offer commercial home services like plumbing, electrical works, online or home-based beauty services, and more? Having a customer-friendly and innovative online platform is a must! At Nipige, we bring your out-of-the-box idea to life. We provide personalized digital experiences to enamor your customers and establish a distinct identity for your enterprise.

Buying - Selling Platform

Online buying and selling platform has brought millions of prospective buyers and sellers onto one platform. Many user-friendly applications allow buyers and sellers to trade daily. These platforms help sellers to sell items that are no longer useful to them to buyers who need them at a discounted price. If you have a similar business idea, nipige could be the perfect platform to showcase its capabilities and meet your business objectives. 

Tour & Travel Platform

Travelers vouch for online travel booking platforms that make their travel bookings hassle-free. These apps not only lure customers with discounts and offers but also create an enormous impact on the brand value of the enterprise. Nipige helps you set up a similar platform personalized to accommodate all your operational needs. It gives you a competitive advantage and assists in reaching new heights in no time.

E-Auction platform

Online auction platforms in India are not used to their full potential yet. Only a few applications allow users to bid for registered items. This new concept can be applied to any market as a big USP boosting your brand’s online presence. Nipige is the one platform that has this exceptional feature and provides a smooth experience to you, as a business, and to your customers. Explore this feature and boost your brand online.

POS – Point of Sale

Are you looking for a convenient POS system that is a one-stop solution for online/offline POS? Nipige Platform offers the best POS solution with absolutely no data loss and default automatic cloud backup. This solution also provides cloud-based accounting and CRM facilities. With no hardware requirement and upgradation cost, the solution offers clear steps from inventory to sales. With various features like offers & discount management, UPI QR code-based multiple payments, returns & refund management, dashboards & reports, and many more, the POS solution by Nipige will assist in reaching your target markets.