Community Apps

May 6, 2023 2023-12-22 13:02
Community Apps

Bring Uniqueness to Community Apps with a Powerful & Innovative SaaS Platform

Get creative and start your own community app that ushers like-minded people together and sets a stage for interaction and mutual support

Features that a community app should possess

To stand out from the herd of community apps, it is essential that your community app possesses the following features.

Option to interact in groups as well as individual

Personalization of profiles based on past interactions

Support different format contents and encourage sharing

Real-time community engagement with live events

User-friendly interface to search and join more groups based on interest

Nipige provides tailor made solutions possessing all the indispensable features.

What Nipige stands for

A disruptive digital engagement platform, Nipige assists in building app from scratch without much ado. The ever-increasing number of microservices of the SaaS platform makes it easy to create an app within weeks as against months.

A platform that delivers best at all times and all levels!!

Nipige offers different persona apps part of tech suite

Ground-breaking technology of Nipige allows it to offer user-friendly tech suite.

Community user app

Moderator app

Let’s Build Your community App Dream Venture Together!

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