E-Commerce Platform

Enhance brand value and garner large customer base with Nipige’s robust E-Commerce platform that brings your unique business idea to life

Customer App

Increase customer satisfaction with a simple& hassle-free order mechanism

Easy Product Search - Search for products by name, category, or brand and filter results by price, ratings, and other criteria

Personalized Recommendation - Recommendation engine suggests products based on the user’s purchase history and browsing behavior

Loyalty Program –Opportunity to earn reward points for purchases and redeem them for discounts or free items

Merchant/ Vendor App

Equip merchant with dashboard and reports for informed business decisions

Registration – Moving from local to global by registering with E-Commerce platforms that provide right exposure and reach to vendors

Inventory Management - Provides real-time visibility into inventory levels allowing vendors to quickly reorder products when needed

Sales Reports - Detailed sales reports that depict fast selling products to help merchants stock and promote such products

Customer Engagement - Allows vendors to engage with customers through personalized promotions & offers

Aggregator Dashboard

One dashboard with extensive features aimed for business growth

Vendor/ Merchant Onboarding – Provide signing in details and work for smooth onboarding of different vendors

Reports & Analytics – Instant reports and detailed analytics that assists aggregator to substantial steps for business continuity and growth

Promotion & Ad set-up – Allow vendors to promote products or their brands through promotions and advertisements in the app banner and other advertising slots

Delivery Agent App

Option to have in-built delivery app or integrate with third-party apps

Driver Management –Assign and manage drivers and delivery tasks, real-time payment settlements, track the delivery

GPS Navigation Integration - Analyze and assign shortest routes possible for on-time deliveries and enhanced customer experience

Alerts & Notification Mechanism - Immediate alerts and in-app notifications to drivers to avoid delays

Our cutting-edge features & integrations assist you to scale-up from local to global, single to multi-market & more

Multi-Merchant Market

M3 concept assists aggregators to manage multiple vendors, orders, shipping, and commissions using the dashboard

Dynamic Product Catalogue

Create catalogue at market level, category level or product level attributes and help customers identify them with ease

Product Variant

Add products of different weights, measurements as per the need of the customer

Online Quotation

Allows customers to quote or bid for an item at a discounted price which can be further accepted or re-quoted by the merchant

Ad Set-up Mechanism

Create banners, offer promo codes, highlight any product or service via advertisement through the admin panel or the merchant app

Bulk Upload

Upload products in bulk to avoid wastage of time & effort. It automates repetitive tasks and processes large amounts of data quickly