Mobile Applications and Their Growth

Mobile phone is used to perform a lot of activities other than just talking and messaging near and dear ones. Technology has advanced so much that a mobile phone today performs functions of different devices such as calculator, compass, radio and many more. It has conveniently replaced all these devices and has become a necessity for current generation. Mobile Apps that are developed by technology companies have helped in replacing many of the common devices discussed above. The Applications known well as Apps have helped humans to use the functionalities of other devices quickly and conveniently at any time from anywhere.

As we know, Mobile Apps are used in every walk of life and cover every human activity. There is an App to help people buy milk, grocery, do money transfers, buy anything fancy like clothes, accessories or necessity like medicines. Mobile Apps are used for educating children, playing games, etc. Healthcare sector has also started reaching out its patients with the help of mobile Apps that help in booking doctor appointments, buying medicines, and do much more. Technology companies have become so advanced that they are in a position to create an App for any purpose easily for the convenience of their customers.

The Rise of Political (Mobile) Apps

Understanding the flexibility and extensive use of mobile Apps by people, political parties slowly started showing interest in using this fast-spreading medium of communication for their benefit. Internationally, it is believed that it was Barrack Obama who used mobile Apps for the first time in American political history for the campaigning purpose. From them, the trend of using mobile Apps by political parties has caught-on and many countries are using this medium for communicating their ideologies to public. In India too, mobile Apps are used extensively in many walks of like. Political parties in India too are not left behind. JD(U) Party is touted as the first political party in India to use mobile App to assess performance of its functionaries as announced in August 2021.

Political (Mobile) App – The Best Medium of Communication

Mobile Apps have been put to best use by many companies for their as well as customer’s benefit. Mobile Apps helped companies thrive and do good business even during grave situations like Covid-19. The Applications as discussed are now used in many fields like healthcare, delivery, e-commerce, food aggregator platforms, farm to home, transport, and many more. In the same lieu, Political Apps are also revolutionizing the way political parties are reaching public through these applications.

As discussed earlier, different parties, nationally and internationally, are using the Political Apps to have better reach in public as well as in party. These political Apps can be used to spread the ideology of a political party very conveniently. As most of the current population are tech savvy, they can register themselves in the political Apps of different parties, know more about their favourite political party, politician, recent happenings as well as coming up events. The parties through the political Apps can keep the public of their constituency or state be informed about their best practices, their efforts, etc. by regularly posting updates about the party happenings.

Many political parties are slowly understanding the importance of building social presence through Apps and getting an exclusive Party App developed for the purpose. While building a Political App, the parties should focus on checking a few criteria to ensure that the App after building meets its purpose.

What Should a Political (Mobile) App Must Have?

Some basic features that a political App must contain are

  1. Option for party followers to register and create profile
  2. Check the details of their favourite politicians
  3. Comment on posts of their favourite politicians
  4. Ability for the party members to post regularly
  5. Share updates on party’s future events with followers
  6. Option to share posts on social media platforms from App, and more

According to the ideology and requirement of a political party, the party should choose a technology partner whose solution is flexible and configurable. The political party should be able to pick and choose services required to make their App successful and reach more public.

Nipige is one such robust platform that assists political parties to build their Apps from scratch with the services they want. Nipige is a SAAS platform that provides end-to-end solution for political party requirements too. With its easy-to-use experience and chosen services, Nipige can help political parties establish better connection with the public. If you need help in knowing more about Nipige and how it can be the best technology partner for your political party, please schedule a free demo today.