Tours & Travel Platform

One-stop solution for all your travel app needs with a range of exciting features that make managing travel itineraries and booking easy

Customer App

Experience convenience at the click of a button

Extensive Search – Search for appropriate destination with relevant packages and schedule the tour

Customize Packages – Negotiate and request for suitable changes in package to meet budget requirements

Real-time Booking – Instant booking confirmation without any delays

Multiple Payment Gateways – Option to pay through debit, credit, UPI, net banking, etc.

Review & Feedback – Post completion of tour/travel share reviews and feedback for peer benefit

Travel Merchant App

Powerful tool to digitize business and gain more

Discount Mechanism – Attract customers with discount coupons and promotional discounts on instant booking, etc.

iOS & Android Devices Compatible App – Allows customers to access and manage travel plans from any device

Manage Travel Itineraries –Manage hotel bookings, rentals, car/flight bookings, tour plan, etc. like a breeze

Tours and travel operators applying our cutting-edge features & integrations can grow their business multifolds

Geo-Tracking Service Mechanism

Monitor and track the location of vehicles/ agents, which improves the overall security, and increases the efficiency of operations

Role Management

Assign specific roles and permissions to different users, which limits access to sensitive information, and ensures compliance with safety norms.

In-App Notification

Provides immediate alerts on critical updates, changes, or events happening within the platform to keep businesses informed in real-time.

Subscription & Billing

Manage subscription plan and billing information, set up automatic billing and send notifications when payment is due.

App Wallet

Allows customers to add funds to account, track transactions, and view payment history. Encrypted and protected with the latest security protocols to make it safe.

Commission & Settlement

Businesses can easily calculate and process commissions and settlements, access comprehensive reports on the performance of their sales team, improve the overall efficiency, and increase the revenue using this feature.