Small-time businesses, more so with the business conduct being on an offline model, have their own challenges – the foremost amongst them being, losing customers in the ever-competitive world of proliferating online markets and the inability to be visible to a large spectrum of prospects who are potential customers in the long run.

Businesses often wish to be online and be part of “catalog of catalog” portals to gain the much-needed business visibility they deserve, something unthinkable for individual business proprietor models or individual vendor catalog business models.

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and so on have been attending to the same with face book shops venting out the urge to be part of the online market realms.

A gamut of businesses big and small have been struggling to get online, and as it would, as is the necessity, a lot of marketplaces have been sprouting up with distinctive features and functions of their own, where small-time business proprietors can list their goods and services beyond their own proprietary modeled website or an e-commerce application.

The better part is a marketplace can accommodate with ease such vendors as is the very motive and function of the portals developed for the purpose as such –Multi-vendor online platforms and e market places that can facilitate orders, payments, and credit payments, manage inventory to name a few could provide a new channel of business conduct and streamline several of the business processes with digitalized orchestrations and that apart also increase network-based business visibility.

And what more Omnichannel selling helps increase revenue with significance and effect unheard of before. Products and services are accessed better, hence the business prospects have enhanced propositions, definitely a game-changer for small-time businesses with a sea of visible change being brought about along with the passing times as would be the need be for. The absence or lack of online markets or mediums could visibly hamper the prospects of small-time businesses or vendors. Conventionally small-time businesses or sellers intending to go online on their own, need to invest, operate and maintain their own portal or website.

And the ability to generate revenue merely by an online presence is further subjugated by varying conditions that pertain to business visibility, network, customer reach, etc. and as would the variables determine the scope of business is compromised owing to lack of business visibility and network, an outcome resultant of operating “on own network” business model. 

On the other hand, online marketplaces offer greater visibility, well-connected networks with broader customer bases, and above all cost-effectively, where the major cost being onboarding the platform alone without the need for ownership, maintenance, and operational costs that would have been incurred in the conventional model of an e-commerce website. Nipige, as a hyper-local e-marketplace can enable small, medium scale vendors sell their products, goods, and services better and facilitate Easy Acquire, Sell, and Deliver. Nipige: Rapid Business Digitization Platform & e-Market Place.