How Mobile Apps Have Transformed Consumer Behavior?


  • Bridging the gap between online and offline shopping: It is a hybrid concept that encloses the best traits of physical stores and e-commerce websites. M-commerce also helps resolve the shortcomings of both experiences and strives to extend a high-end shopping experience.
  • Provides high-end customer experience: Consumers can buy products at an affordable price at their convenience. Huge discounts, offers, and sales on a few products also lure customers.
  • Easy accessibility: Convenience is one of the utmost priorities, especially after the pandemic. Some M-commerce advantages have transformed consumer buying behavior, such as social distancing, no-touch, and time-bound delivery.
Online Branding
  • Broader target audience: Transforming a physical store to a mobile app allows the brand to target a wider audience directly for better conversion.
  • Capture Omni channel shoppers: Consumers usually prefer their brands in all modes (online/physical). Hence, having an online channel will only add more value to the brand via mobile app connectivity.

Increased customer engagement: With the help of a mobile app, a brand is virtually available 24×7 to its customers. Reaching out to them via push notifications or engaging them with lucrative offers can help in conversion.

Strategies to Boost Branding via Mobile App

  • Detailed audience research 

Conduct in-depth research and survey the target audience about their demographic data, lifestyle factors, and buying behaviors. Cumulating the details, create a UX persona that helps you understand your users, their perspectives, and purchasing decisions.

  • M-commerce app development 

Investing in mobile app development should be an utmost priority in branding. The app allows you to communicate directly with customers and build good relationships. For instance, the apps powered by NIPIGE are compatible with all devices and give a seamless user experience that creates brand value. It automatically increases the chances of conversion.

  • Omni channel market strategy 

Customers prefer their choice of brands to be available in all channels, and M-commerce is by far the easiest and favored channel. NIPIGE provides multi-lingual options (native languages), offers discount codes, shares items on social media, etc., overall giving a smooth user experience. Target ads, email marketing, and SMS marketing with personalized discounts are some means of the omnipresence of a growing brand. Reaching the right audience, at the right time, on the right channel increases brand value.

  • Online payment options 

As the Indian government is promoting a cashless economy, the population is gradually adapting to various online modes of payment. Especially in the post-pandemic situation, the cashless strategy has been more prominent. Hence, online methods of payment are more crucial than ever. NIPIGE provides multiple online payment options integrating various bank APIs.

  • Personalized experience

Millennial customers fancy a personalized shopping experience. With new and modern technologies like AI, ML, etc., you can gather enough insights into your customers and their preferences. You can grow your sales tremendously by using this data and the right technology to customize your mobile apps, landing pages, product pages, etc. NIPIGE has a headless platform powered by dynamic architecture and a mobile-first approach which helps brands build personalized experiences for their customers. NIPIGE can design multi-theme apps, device-specific themes, and discount mechanisms to sell to your customers in their preferred language, have individual apps for each sub-store, and much more at your disposal to grow your sales.

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Strategies to boost branding