Logistics & Delivery Management Solution/ App

Simplify delivery management process with a powerful online delivery management solution that assists in real-time delivery assignment and tracking with advanced GPS feature

Customer App

Make delivery of any product a hassle-free affair

Real-time Delivery Tracking – Track the delivery of ordered item from the time of order to delivery through uber-like delivery management system that allows to track on google maps and chat with assigned delivery agent

Multiple Device Support – Customers can request for certain items delivery through mobile or web apps


Manager Dashboard

Dig into data at finger tips for better business decisions

Delivery Reports – Detailed reports on number of deliveries made day-wise, week-wise, month-wise, or year-wise for further analysis

Analytics – Assists in tracking delivery performance and evaluate performance of delivery agents as well

Commission & Settlements - Calculate and process commissions and settlements to the delivery agents on timely basis

Delivery Agent App

Flexible app to assist at every step of delivery process

GPS tracking – Provides shortest possible routes for smooth product delivery

Notification/Alert – Instant notification/ alert on assigning of delivery task

Digital signature – Confirmation on order delivery through digital signature, confirmation codes, etc.

Customizable workflows and other techno propositions bring about a transformative change in managing logistics businesses

Geo-Tracking Service Mechanism

Monitor and track the location of vehicles/ agents, which improves the overall security, and increases the efficiency of operations

Reports & Analytics

Exhaustive reports and analytics to evaluate driver performance and more for better future planning

GPS Navigation Support

Analyze and assign shortest routes possible for on-time deliveries and enhanced customer experience

Third-Party Integration

Allows for all third-party integrations for smooth delivery process

Vehicle Management

Monitor the vehicles and ensure timely maintenance to avoid any kind of last-minute delivery cancellations or breakdown

Customizable Workflow

One logistics and delivery management app workflow that can be customized to suit the needs of different industries such as food delivery, pick-up and delivery, courier delivery, etc.