A Case Study

Today everything is in the digital fold and managing assets and rental properties in the modern-day digitalized environs is no different. Property owners need a seamless interface that helps manage their properties with dexterity.

Managing properties from the convenience of the palm, debarring the conventions and constraints of a locale or location. The versatility and flexibility that help overcome several of the challenges that relate to owner – tenant logistics, and aspects that solely deal with asset and property management alone are the need of the day.

What Kalam required?

Kalam rentals & asset management services required a similar application that could holistically or comprehensively deal with rental property management, providing a seamless interface between the owners and tenants helping them digitally manage different functions and overcome several of the barriers that property owners and tenants usually encounter applying conventional methods and processes that most often revolve around manual or semi-automated processes and procedures.

The Solution: RENTO – Nipige: A Rental Property & Asset Management System.

RENTO– A rental property and asset management tool has been developed by Nipige, taking into account several of Kalam’s requirements. RENTO helps manage assets and rental properties with ease. Mobile application for owner and tenant, property set up and management, asset tracking, and many more. RENTO is packed with features that enable ease of management and usability, judiciously designed considering the various aspects that govern rental property management the world over.

SAAS and multi tenant-based RENTO can be an efficient modern-day tool with KYC and KYO management features, elaborate dashboard and reporting, advertising, sales and contract renewals, agile on boarding, etc.

Benefits & Results when deploying RENTO.

Kalam Rentals & Asset Management Services has swiftly expanded its business ever since using RENTO. Kalam is reputed for making available properties for temporary housing purposes with a marked presence in Bangladesh and has effectively leveraged RENTO as an efficient modern-day rental property & asset management system.

Kalam has increased their business propositions multi fold, expanding to multiple cities and urban domiciles within a short span of time, reaching numerous customers swiftly and increasing their customer base from a humble 500 homes to 5000 in number.

Initially, Kalam had to spend a day and more for various process-related purposes using conventional practices and with RENTO, the service time has been drastically reduced to an hour and less with agile digitalized practices and procedures. Operational expenses (Opex) have dwindled with revenues maximized, owing to digitalization and process optimization.

What Nipige could accomplish?

Nipige as a digital business enabler platform has equipped Kalam rental & asset management services with a rental property & asset management tool capable of addressing the modern-day demands of property management entities developing a digital interface with owners and tenants.

Nipige can further attend to several of the businesses with CI/CD models of application development and cater to several of the industries where the need for digitalization is paramount in view of the changing landscapes of technology and technological scenarios.