Mobile phone Apps have revolutionized the way businesses are conducted these days. Any business can digitally transform and reach more customers with a simple and robust App or a platform. Whether it is e-commerce, banking business, home services, or other essential services, food aggregator platforms everything is available on the mobile through Apps. People use their mobile Apps and book their favourite movie shows in Cinemas or order for their favourite food from their favourite restaurant very easily using the uniquely built Apps.

Healthcare sector was the only exception where people still preferred to personally visit doctors or pharmacists for treatment or medicines. The spread of deadly Covid-19 virus made everyone stick to their homes and depend on their mobile phones for essential services like healthcare too. As the world was gripped under the fear of Covid-19, healthcare sector also transformed digitally and made their services available online. One of the important aspects of healthcare, Pharmacy was the first one to get completely digitalized even before the dawn of Covid. Pharmacy mobile Apps came into existence and helped patients get their medicines delivered on time at their door which helped in boosting customer experience too.

Online Mobile Pharmacy Apps

Online Pharmacy website or mobile Apps are nothing but an extension of brick-and-mortar Pharmacy shops. As sales are conducted at Pharmacy shops, online Pharmacy Apps also help patients check for their required medicines and get them. Further, most online Pharmacy apps provide the added advantage of getting medicines door delivered.

Pharmacy Apps are thriving in the current Covid situation. People have become accustomed to getting products and services delivered at home. As a result, most patients or customers like to get medicines delivered at home too. Any Pharmacist who wishes to expand their business should look for digitalization options. To invest in technology platform that can assist the Pharmacies to establish and enhance their digital presence would be the best bet in the current scenario.

Scale-Up as You Grow

A robust SaaS platform that is flexible and configurable will help Pharmacies to digitalize their business. The platform should have the capability to help the Pharmacies to scale-up as they grow. The platform should be able to provide best guidance and technical assistance in setting up the website and App for a single shop. However, the same platform should be flexible enough to accommodate addition of more Pharmacy shops at different locales and digitally take care of the complete stock and other aspects. The platform should also be sustainable enough to provide enterprise services to big Pharmacy chains. If Pharmacies are able to identify such platform and invest, it will definitely help them in achieving more for less.

Must Have Features in Online Pharmacy Apps

1. Patient Registration

A patient also termed as “customer” or “user” should be able to register in the App using appropriate credentials to create an account. Using this account, the user will be able to find and book medicines.

2. Nearby Pharmacy

Some Pharmacy shops wish to collectively work in a pharmacy aggregator platform. In such cases, many local pharmacy shops can get registered in the platform and provide services to the users. The users will have an option to choose a particular Pharmacist or shop to purchase medicines. They may opt for door delivery if provided by the Pharmacy or check for self-pick-up options.

3. Prescription Upload 

A doctor’s prescription is usually better understood by a pharmacist. In case the users of the App are not able to understand the name of the medicine prescribed, they should be able to upload the prescription and get the required medicine without any hassles.

4. Choice of Medicines 

At times, some of the prescribed medicines might be already available with the patients. In such cases, the patient may require only a couple of medicines mentioned in the prescription. The App should allow the users to upload the prescription and further provide instructions regarding medicines they require by stating the numbers. For example, they may mention that they need the 1st and 3rd medicine only in the given prescription. It would be very convenient for the users to order and pay only for the required medicines from a given prescription.

5. Call-back Option 

The user should also be able to request for a call back from the pharmacy to confirm certain order of medicines. This feature helps in avoiding any kind of confusion.

6. Quote on Bulk Medicine Orders

Sometimes, a user might be ordering bulk of medicines from a particular pharmacy chain or group of shops for retail purpose. In such cases, if the pharmacy chain wants, they should be able to provide an option to give discounts or quote (bargain) for a reasonable price for a bulk order of medicines. Such unique features will make the pharmacy chain more sought-after business and accelerate their growth.

Nipige – A Robust SaaS Platform

Nipige is a flexible, scalable, and configurable platform that helps its users build their dream business by providing all the must-have features discussed above and many more. The platform has more than 45+ microservices that makes it possible to add or remove any feature as per the business requirement. To know more about how Nipige can provide exclusive pharmacy mobile App and platform, schedule a demo today.