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Innovative Features to Boost Your Business

We transform businesses of most major sectors with powerful and adaptable digital solutions that satisfy the needs of today
Standout Features

Eccentric features that will elevate prima facie of your business


Feature-rich, multi seller marketplace for B2B or B2C business model that brings higher traffic and conversions. Easy management of vendors, orders, shipping and commissions from feature rich dashboard.

One platform for all B2B & B2C B2B2C & D2C

Set up your custom B2B portal for a variety of products and services. Give your business an edge with a host of complex B2B ecommerce features integrated seamlessly with your portal for higher ROI.

Omni Channel Integration

Boost discoverability with feed optimization tailored to each channel. Save time with unified feed and order management. Reduce listing errors with data governance. Boost revenue and grow your global footprint by listing on more channels.

Tailor Made Workflow

Administrators can create multiple sub-accounts to manage orders, edit catalogue, run promotions or manage customer queries, manage inventory, view payment history, setup delivery system, distribute commissions and much more. The system is built in such a way that it supports every requirement that a business entails.


This is an exclusive feature in Nipige, where a customer can place a quotation or bid from varied range of merchants for a particular item at a convenient price which is further accepted or re-quoted by the merchant as per convenience. The item is sold on a mutual price agreement.

Dynamic catalogue tree

From delicious food, groceries to electronics or medicines, sell all your products from one place. Categorise your product list according to attributes and help customers identify them with ease. Create catalogue at Market level, Category level or Product level as per business requirement.

True Global SaaS Platform

Nipige is ideally suited for SaaS product and marketing teams because we give you the information you need to acquire qualified prospects, convert more trials into paying customers and reduce churn.

Flexible org structure & Role management

Featurerich, multi seller marketplace for B2B or B2C business model that brings higher traffic and conversions. Easy management of vendors, orders, shipp-ing and commissions from feature rich dashboard.

Other Feature

Robust features that will reinforce your digital foot hold.


Quick Search

Any store, item or category can be easily identified via quick search bar allowing the customer to save time & have a relatively quick experience.

AI / ML based recommendation engine

Nipige is driven by AI/ ML recommendation engine which allows the platform to identify the user activity and highlight recommendations as per user digital print.

Product Variants

There are multiple product variants used to define a particular item, that includes item name, category, stock availability, description, tax code, quantity, stock count, discount, shelf life, price, etc.

IOS, Android, Web support

Nipige is supported in IOS, Android and Web platforms, broadening the user accessibility scope. In other words more the number of subscribers better is the scope of business.

Security-data privacy-Data security

Extend data security & data privacy to your online store powered by Nipige. We secure and safeguard your data and network using the our cloud computing platform and services.

Partner billing & invoicing

Bring Agriculture to Mainstream Ecommerce with Innovative Agritech Solutions. Agricultural products, industrial items, Agricultural lands, etc directly to a wide range of customers via online .

Real time settlement

Payments that are initiated and settled nearly instantaneously. With nipige a real-time payments rail is the digital infrastructure that facilitates real-time payments. Ideally, real-time payment networks provide 24x7x365 access, which means they are always online to process transfers.

Online payment gateway

Sell more by offering Multiple Payment options to your customers. Eliminate Payment downtime and never miss an opportunity to convert a potential sale. Choose from multiple payment gateways luke Razorpay, Cashfree, PayU, etc. that makes accepting payments simpler and safer.

Gps navigation support

Geo tagging allows the app to automatically grab the precise location of the customer, and display the best possible availability near him. GPS navigation also allows the customer to track the order movement adding more transparency to the delivery process.

Promotional/Advertisement set up

It is a priority for any enterprise to promote their business time and again to stay on top of the competition. Creating banners, offering promo codes, highlight any product or service via advertisement can be easily deployed via the admin panel or the merchant app.

Live notifications

This feature allows the user to be on top of the ongoing order process. As soon as the order is placed by the customer, a notification arrives at the merchants end instantly allowing him to further the order process. Each notification is accompanied by a notification tone in order to grab attention of the user.

Live chat support

This feature makes the user experience far more satis-factory as it allows the customer to directly communic-ate with the merchant in case of any kind of query in regards to the product or order placed. This direct communication helps build trust between the merchant and his customer and removes any ambiguity.

Multilingual Multicurrency

Nipige platform supports multiple languages which helps both merchants & customers to have the much needed user experience. They may choose from a set of pre-assigned languages as per convenience. Meet the needs of your global shoppers by accepting payments in over 100+ currencies and offering local payment methods through the gateway of your choice.

Order fulfilment Management

Any order placed by the customer can be tracked and fulfilled by the merchant in a detailed manner. Customer details, pick up address, order details, order status, agent assignment, pick up time, ETA, mode of payment, tracking, everything can be managed from the admin panel under the section of Order management.

Theme selection

A suitable theme that fits best as per your business requirements from a varied range of themes from our themes gallery. It is very important to have the appro-priate look and feel as per your business needs that would help create a strong brand image with your cus-tomers and also creates a satisfying user experience.


Analytics primarily helps the admin to study the busine-ss progress and segregate different verticals individual-ly. This allows a better understanding of various reports like, order, payment, items, partner, refund, commission, service request, inventory, invoice, delivery. These repor-ts are showcased on a daily basis and can be tracked back to any previous date helping the enterprise to take important business decisions based performance.

Delivery Management

Make your shipments streamlined and faster via delivery management app. Delivery agent login, order details and total earnings are the major capabilities. Set up delivery charge and users via admin panel. Implement your own delivery set up or any third party integration with nipige platform. In app notifications allows fast movement of delivery and allows a detailed view of the delivery status from admin panel.

App Wallet

Offer store wallets to your clients wherein they can store various loyalty rewards, cash backs, store credits from refunds or trade advances and redeem them later while placing an order. Help your customers manage their wallets by offering them a transparent view of wallet transactions and balances. Easily track and manage all the wallet transactions done by your customers right from your admin panel.